F.O.A.M. (Fire On the Altar Ministries)


Lev 6:13 - This is the perpetual fire which shall never go out on the altar.

  Perpetual Fire

Perpetual Fire is an emblem of the love of Christ to his people, which is ever in a flame and burning, and can never be quenched by the many waters of their sins and iniquities;

Perpetual Fire points at the prayers of saints, the fervency of them, and their perseverance in them;

Perpetual Fire is a symbol of the word of God, may be signified by the fire on the altar for its perpetuity, which continues and abides.


F.O.A.M a well-balanced, dynamic ministry.


Well-balanced In that FOAM is:
                         directly involved among poor, destitute communities (See VILLAGE MINISTRY)
                         discipling believers and training Christian leaders (See DISCIPLESHIP/PASTORAL TRAINING)
                         blessing children and young people while moulding them to become men and women living for Christ
                          (See CHILDREN MINISTRY & YOUNG-PEOPLE MINISTRY) Holistic

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FOAM is the remarkable product of a genuine team work, combining an anointed Bible teacher, a charismatic and compassionate evangelist/church planter, and a solid administrator, all of whom are concerned of remaining attuned to the will of the Lord and to the spiritual, social, educational (holistic) needs of the people of India whom they are led to impact (see ABOUT US)

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